The family home is likely one of the largest financial investments you will make. If you and your partner are in the midst of a divorce or breakup, then your home and its assets can become the centre of stressful disagreements and disputes over ownership, from the building itself and its equity to the contents inside it.

Whether you own the property outright, share the mortgage with your former partner, or are a sitting tenant unsure of your rights, speaking with Reeves & Co. Law will help you to make sense of your legal entitlements and obligations, allowing you to plan for the future and act accordingly.

Experienced Property Dispute Solicitors

Reeves & Co. Law is an established Kent-based law firm that specialises in all aspects of family law, including property disputes that arise as a result of a relationship ending. We offer expert, friendly legal advice and representation, whether you are married, in a civil partnership, or cohabiting with someone.

Our property dispute solicitors can:

  • Defend and represent you in any property disputes made against you.
  • Advise and represent you in disputes you wish to initiate.
  • Help you to clearly understand your rights and obligations as a shared owner, sole owner, or tenant.

Wanting advice on a potential property dispute, or seeking representation from experienced family law solicitors? Contact Reeves & Co. Law Ltd today and speak with one of our friendly team.

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