For many couples going through a separation, the issue of child visitation rights can be an upsetting, stressful and confusing time. What are your rights as a separated mother or father? How much time are you entitled to spend with your children? How can you ensure that your ex-partner allows you to regularly spend time with children?

Your children have legal rights to spend time with their parents, and as parents, you both have a legal obligation to ensure those rights are met.

Children Law Experts

Reeves & Co is a law firm that specialises specifically in family law. We fully understand a parent’s concerns when it comes to matters of child visitation rights. We can provide expert legal advice in any dispute involving children.

We can advise and represent you on:

  • Disputes concerning child visitations.
  • Expert legal advice on you and your ex-partner’s parental obligations.

If you are uncertain about any area of child law, or if you have found yourself embroiled in a dispute over child visitation rights, our family solicitors will be happy to talk you through you and your children’s legal rights, as well as your ex-partner’s obligations.

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