Injunction Proceedings

The aim of any injunction is to protect the applicant from harassment, such as from an ex partner or other family member. The order is a warning to the offender that their behaviour is unacceptable and that further legal action may be taken if they continue harassing the applicant. As such, injunctions are a powerful asset in protecting victims and their children from abusive or threatening ex partners.

There are two types of injunction:

  • A Non-Molestation Order – this forbids someone from being violent or threatening violence against you. The order will typically say that the named person must never intimidate, harass or otherwise pester you.
  • An Occupation Order – this order determines who can have access to the family home. An occupation order can force someone to leave your home, can allow you to return home if you have left, or can forbid someone from accessing certain areas of your home.

Reeves & Co Law is a specialist law firm with many years’ experience in divorce and separation cases involving abusive partners. We offer advice and representation to clients seeking an injunction against a former partner, family member or close acquaintance.

We fully understand the sensitive, distressing nature that some relationship break downs may cause. Our attentive solicitors, who are fully-accredited family law legal experts, can provide you with advice on applying for an injunction, and will work with you closely every step along the way during injunction proceedings.

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Injunctions Made Against You

We can also provide advice and representation to clients who have had an injunction claim made against them. We will ensure that you have the proper defence in place in the event that an injunction order is made against order.